Day 1: The food stamp diet

Although the day is not over yet, I think it is safe to say we completed our task.  Dinner is a stew with a slew of vegetables, barley and potatoes and currently simmering on the stove.  We began the day by venturing to the Food Emporium near our gym.  We wanted to purchase enough food for breakfast, and decided to go to a less expensive market later in the day for the remainder of our food.  We purchased eggs, milk, coffee, a can of garbanzo beans, an onion and turkey bacon.  This came to a total of $14, almost a quarter of our budget for the week. Breakfast was satisfying, but around 2:00pm we were starving.  We ventured to C-Town at 135th st and Broadway.  We came out of there spending $43.  This leaves us at $57.  We have three dollars left for the remainder of the week.  I do think we purchased a good amount of food: dried beans, potatoes, turnips, carrots, celery, frozen vegetables, apples, popcorn, candy (3 for $1!).   Tonight's soup contains most of the above ingredients.  My biggest worry for the week is not eating enough fruits and vegetables.  We purchased a lot of beans (one of the easiest sources of protein), but I think we may have gone overboard.  I think we will find out how well we are doing in the days to come.

Time for soup!