The Food Stamp Diet

Beginning tomorrow, I will embark upon the Food Stamp Diet.   The project is for my Community Nutrition class.  We have $30 to spend for the week on food and can only purchase food at stores which accept food stamps. I am thinking about dinner tonight as my “last meal”.  I plan on ordering take out sushi, something I won’t have the luxury of for the next week.  I will spend this afternoon and evening planning out my meals for the next week, something I have never had to think about with such focus.  In the past when I thought about future meals, it was always from a diet standpoint: what should I eat that will help me lost weight.  But now it’s a different battle:  what can I eat that will help me stay satisfied over the course of the week with only $30. have mixed feelings going into this challenge.  My fiancee has agreed to take on this challenge with me.  I think it will be fun and exciting to work together to try to create meals (and not want to kill each other!) over the course of the week.  As a nutrition student, I feel lucky to have the skills and education to know what kind of foods I should be eating on a daily basis (protein, carbs and fats) and how to prepare these is the most delicious way possible.   I believe I have a pretty good game plan for the week.  I plan to buy a good amount of dried beans and legumes in bulk.  I will purchase staples such as a loaf of bread, eggs, frozen vegetables, deli meat and milk.  I plan to try to not purchase a lot of meat, which should be easy, as I do not purchase this on a regular basis.  Although I am excited, there is a part of me that is scared to approach this project.  I currently purchase a lot of organic and high end brands.  It is a little scary to think that I will not have this luxury.  I know the project is only a week and I will be fine, but if I did have to live like this on a regular basis, I think it would be quite a shock.   I hope to gain some perspective and understanding on what it might be like to be forced to live like this.  Although I am money conscious, food has been something I splurge on. I have always had the luxury of buying the foods I wanted to eat, when it was convenient for me.  My fiancee and I are current users of Fresh Direct’s online delivery service.  How much more convenient can getting food delivered to your door step be?  And so, I approach this project with excited anticipation.  Let the Food Stamp Diet commence.