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Rachel Rothman, MS, RD, CLEC Registered Dietitian in San Diego

 Evidence Based Nutrition


Help your little ones grow and flourish


Feeding children is tough.  Maybe you wake up in the morning dreading mealtime and you know there must be a way to make that anxiety go away.  Perhaps your child is so selective you are lost when it comes to figuring out a way to introduce new foods.  Let me help.

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Why work with me?

Working with children and families is my passion.  Prior to becoming a registered dietitian, I spent several years as a food scientist working in the industry, gaining invaluable experience with how our food is grown, developed into products, regulated, and marketed to us.  I built on that foundation by studying nutrition at Columbia University, where I was fortunate to develop several nutrition education curricula for children. My clinical nutrition experience comes from three years at a Children’s Hospital in San Diego, where I worked on in-patient and out-patient cases. I was fortunate enough to work on a multidisciplinary feeding team, providing nutrition support and guidance to the most selective of eaters, including autism spectrum disorder, ARFID, and other diagnoses.

Over the past several years, I have been fortunate enough to combine my past education and experience into my own methodology to help families on their nutrition journey.

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Free School Lunch Guide

School Lunch Ideas for Preschoolers.  

After hundreds of lunches, and hours of research, I've compiled my best tips and secrets into a handy PDF.  
PS- It's great for daycare and elementary ages as well!