Day 2: We did it!

Day two of The Food Stamp Challenge is complete.  I woke up this morning with worry: we did not purchase enough vegetables.  We should have bought one less grain and one more package of frozen vegetables (they were only $1 each).  However, that worry is starting to dissipate.  Breakfast was the same as yesterday: eggs with onion and cheese.  We added some black beans to the meal that had pre-soaked last night.  I had an all afternoon event and was starving when I arrived home.  I ate some cereal with peanut butter to tide me over until dinner. Dinner was not bad:

Brown rice, collard greens, black beans and cheese.  It was a well balanced meal and left us both very full.  For dessert we may have some Popsicle we made last night (Kern's nectar and water in a Popsicle mold).  Tonight I will soak some garbanzo beans for an alternative protein tomorrow.

My biggest worry is how the week days will hold up.  Ben will be at work and I will be at school.  We will only be able to eat leftovers and snacks we bring with us in the morning.  Can we do it?  To be continued tomorrow...