Recommendations based on evidence  

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Food starts in infancy.  Our infants need to eat to survive and we have the power to shape their relationship with food.  

I have always loved working with children and families. Now that I have two young daughters, food has become even more paramount.  I am here to help you foster a healthy relationship with food for your children and family. 

How I work:

I primarily meet with my clients in their homes or in a convenient location.  I also teach classes at several locations in North and South San Diego County.  Please see the Classes page for more detail

  • Private Consultations - 1:1 consultation, with actionable recommendations tailored to your child's needs

  • Small Group Classes - Classes for 5-15 families, such as Introduction to Solids and Peaceful Mealtimes class

  • Private Classes - classes for small groups, such as parent groups or preschools

  • Online Classes: Introduction to Solids

For more information on my professional experience and educational background, please click here