Introduction to Solids: On Demand

I've been teaching Introduction to Solids in small groups in San Diego for over 3 years, and my newest classroom is - this screen!  Learn practical approaches for introducing solids to your little ones - on your schedule and wherever it makes sense for you.


Introduction to solids: on DEMAND includes

  • Recorded webinar presentation in four parts, just over one hour in total

  • Course materials: Downloadable .pdf of the slides reviewed

  • Supplemental tips, recipes, and quick-reference guides for planning and scheduling solids

  • Complimentary 15-minute phone consultation, to answer any questions



"Rachel’s webinar was exactly what I needed as I waded through information about solids - especially contemplating spoon fed purées vs baby-led weaning. Based in facts and research, I got the information I needed in a completely non-judgmental way. The webinar provided resources, food ideas, nutritional information, safety tips, and more. In the end, I felt confident approaching solids as a mix of the two methods." - Jen E., mom of Ethan, 8 months old

"I took Rachel's webinar when my baby was 5 months old. Going in I felt like everyone I knew was doing Baby Led Weaning and I thought that that was an all or nothing approach. Rachel's course showed me that I didn't have to choose a method but instead I should just focus on getting my baby to try a variety of foods in different ways and the important thing was to tailor to your own life and schedule. I like that she gave lots of meal examples and over the past two months I have had fun trying out some of her ideas with my baby. "


why i am offering this class online

For my friends and colleagues outside of San Diego, and parents  everywhere who may benefit from my experience, I am thrilled to offer this course in this new format.  Pease let me know if you have any questions!