What is it?

In this 6 week group course you will build an action plan for making mealtimes less stressful, gain tools you can use right away, and feel empowered to make changes that will positively impact your family’s way of eating for years to come.

Are you struggling with…

  • How can I get my toddler to behave at mealtimes?

  • What can I do to make mealtimes pleasant? 

  • Am I meeting my child's nutritional needs?

  • How do I get my child to eat more of a variety of foods?

  •  How can I spend less time preparing meals?

Over the 6 weeks you will get…

  • Weekly 1 hour video conference calls, where we will discuss strategies for feeding toddlers and preschoolers, as well as have a check-in where we can discuss successes and trouble shoot items that came up throughout the week.

  • A private Facebook group, where we can interact daily, post questions, and receive real time feedback. 

  • A before and after 30 minute clarity call with me, where we will review your specific goals.

Here is what you can expect if you join the group:

  • Learn to navigate normal toddler eating behavior

  • Discover how to properly nourish your child and meet their nutritional needs

  • Obtain strategies for managing picky toddler eating

  • Make peace with your toddlers eating behaviors

  • Gain practical suggestions and advice in this class that will help you learn to create a peaceful environment at meal times

  • Attain meal planning guidance to make the most of your limited time

  • Receive recipe ideas for the whole family

  • Learn how to help your children develop a healthy relationship with food