Introduction to Solids: On-line


I've been teaching Introduction to Solids in small groups in San Diego for over 3 years, and my newest classroom is - this screen!  Learn practical approaches for introducing solids to your little ones - on your schedule and wherever it makes sense for you. Introduction to Solids - online is a web-based version of my popular course for families. Through recorded video lectures and electronic course handouts, you'll learn practical methods to introduce your little one to solid foods, on your schedule!


Introduction to Solids: on-line includes

  • Recorded webinar presentation in four parts, just over one hour in total

  • Course materials: Downloadable .pdf of the slides reviewed

  • Supplemental tips, recipes, and quick-reference guides for planning and scheduling solids

  • Complimentary 15-minute phone consultation, to answer any questions

Rachel’s webinar was exactly what I needed as I waded through information about solids - especially contemplating spoon fed purées vs baby-led weaning. Based in facts and research, I got the information I needed in a completely non-judgmental way. The webinar provided resources, food ideas, nutritional information, safety tips, and more. In the end, I felt confident approaching solids as a mix of the two methods.
— Jen E., mom of Ethan, 8 months old

Why I am offering this class online


For my friends and colleagues outside of San Diego or those that are too busy to attend an in-person class. This format offers the convenience of viewing the class in your home on your terms. Watch and rewatch at your own pace, when it’s convenient for you. Once you complete the course, you can schedule a 15 minute phone call with me, where we will answer any of your lingering, personal questions.