Rachel Rothman, MS, RD, CLEC

Registered Dietitian and Pediatric Feeding Expert



Each nutrition consultation is individualized for your family and your child's needs.  From picky eating to feeding difficulties to poor growth to general healthful nutrition counseling.  We work together to come up with a realistic plan for you and your family, focusing on your short term and long term goals. 

Classes and Coaching


Infant and toddler group classes available in-person in San Diego and online. Rachel offers introduction to solids feeding classes for families of infants and classes for making mealtimes more peaceful with toddlers and preschoolers. Group online coaching available as well.

Blog: Recipes and more


Child-approved recipes and feeding tips, from easy snacks to toddler approved dinners, Rachel’s recipes have you covered. Rachel shares evidenced-based feeding tips to help you feel confident and relaxed when feeding your little ones.

“I started working with Rachel when my 3.5 year old daughter was becoming increasing picky about the foods she would eat. I was concerned not only about her calorie intake but also about her becoming even more picky in the future. Rachel opened my eyes to a better approach to mealtimes and feeding, as well the importance of creating a relationship with food for my daughter. I also came away with a really helpful list of ways I can make dinner more fun and inviting, which has made her open to more new foods, without any coaxing. Mealtimes aren't stressful for either one of us anymore and I am so grateful to Rachel for that! ” - Jennifer, mom of Maya, 3.5 years old


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