…and finally have peace at the dinner table!

Use my 4 step guide to help your child try new foods, and help you feel more confident and relaxed around feeding.

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Are you struggling with…

  • Offering your child new foods, but you are met with a closed mouth and frown.

  • Feeling like you are turning into a short-order cook, and want to break the cycle but don’t know how.

  • Wanting to have a framework and strategy to feel less stressed and more relaxed at mealtimes.

    …MY guide can help!

  • My 4-step Guide will help you understand the feeding journey you’re on with your little ones

  • You’ll learn practical strategies to get past “no” and start working to build new “sometimes” and “yes” foods

  • Learn to make small changes and celebrate your wins

we are a community

Hundreds of families have already learned some of my strategies, but now you can enjoy my most recent addition: my Facebook Community. Download the Guide and join my private Facebook group, where I offer support, encourage parents to share challenges and questions, and share recipes and feeding tips. I will have a live video session for group members each week.

Are you ready to get your child trying new foods?

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