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Introduction to Solids

Toddler Nutrition




As your little one grows, you'll be facing some new choices.  This class will guide you through the nutrition process: from what and how to feed your baby, to the key nutrients required for healthy development. I will also provide a short cooking demonstration featuring recipes that are perfect for baby and easy for parents. Please feel free to bring your little one. This class is ideal as an overview for all parents, even if your child has already started solid foods, and features ample time for questions. 

Toddler Nutrition

Once your little has a strong grasp of solids, how do you keep the will to help you understand your toddler’s picky eating behaviors and feeding challenges. The class will teach you to navigate normal toddler eating behavior, and how to properly nourish your child and meet their nutritional needs. You will discover strategies for managing picky toddler eating and make peace with your toddlers eating behaviors. Practical suggestions and advice in this class will help you learn to cope with difficulty and create a peaceful environment at meal time. 


Classes are currently offered at Babies in Bloom in Vista and The San Diego Breastfeeding Center in Hillcrest.  

Click here for more information on the classes at Babies in Bloom

Click here for more information on the classes at the San Diego Breast Feeding Center.

I look forward to seeing you at a class soon!

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