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Is your child refusing vegetables? Shift your thinking (How and why it’s important).

Parents frequently ask, “how can we get our children to eat vegetables?” It is so common for toddler and preschool age children to go through a picky, or more selective phase when it comes to food, and vegetables many times fall off the repertoire. Instead of thinking about bribing or forcing our little ones to eat vegetables, this post focuses on what you can do to help with the long term goal of helping your little one love vegetables

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Getting Started with Your Child in the Kitchen

One of my favorite recommendations to families that may have a picky or selective eater is to get them helping in the kitchen, which can assist to encourage them to try new foods. Creating food is a sensory experience: we are touching, smelling and tasting - which are all beneficial to trying new foods! There have been so many times my daughters have surprised me by trying something new (check out the picture of my 4 year old eating raw spinach).

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DIY Date and Oat Balls

I love DIY meals and snacks. In my mind, a DIY snack is one in which everyone gets to create their own version of the food item that’s on the menu. These date and oat balls are easy to make, nutritious, and even young toddlers can participate. I made a date and oat slurry in the food processor, and then provide some optional mix-ins for my kiddos prior to rolling these into a ball. It’s a fun sensory and fine motor activity as well: little hands are able to touch the sticky mixture and work on rolling that mixture into a ball!

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