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Spinach and Banana Yogurt Drops

When my now 1.5 year old was an infant starting solids, we had a lot of fun in the kitchen. One of my favorite recipes we created were spinach and banana yogurt drops. We blended together spinach, banana and greek yogurt, added a little more yogurt to thicken the drops, placed them on wax paper in the freezer and then had these delicious drops. Try this easy, fun recipe!

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"Eat your greens" muffins

For some toddlers, vegetables can be difficult.  My daughter does have a few vegetables that she eats on a regular basis, but we always make sure to follow the division of responsibility when vegetables are offered.  At many meal times, that means the vegetables remain on her plate.  And that's okay, remember, its all about repeated exposures to new foods.  BUT my daughter loves muffins, carbs, or really anything called a cookie.   I try to add nutritious ingredients into baked snacks when I can.

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