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Spinach and Banana Yogurt Drops

When my now 1.5 year old was an infant starting solids, we had a lot of fun in the kitchen. One of my favorite recipes we created were spinach and banana yogurt drops. We blended together spinach, banana and greek yogurt, added a little more yogurt to thicken the drops, placed them on wax paper in the freezer and then had these delicious drops. Try this easy, fun recipe!

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Getting Started with Your Child in the Kitchen

One of my favorite recommendations to families that may have a picky or selective eater is to get them helping in the kitchen, which can assist to encourage them to try new foods. Creating food is a sensory experience: we are touching, smelling and tasting - which are all beneficial to trying new foods! There have been so many times my daughters have surprised me by trying something new (check out the picture of my 4 year old eating raw spinach).

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Sweet Potato and Coconut Breakfast Cookies

Last week, my husband was out of town.  I'm not sure if any of you can relate, but mornings can be stressful: getting both kids ready for school/ babysitter, making sure lunches are made, bags are back, and getting myself ready for work.  Anything I can do to make the mornings go a bit smoother is helpful.  I decided I wanted to have breakfast prepared prior to the morning.  We had been through all the standard breakfasts that week: cereal, frozen waffles, smoothies, and eggs.  I had a few sweet potatoes on hand, so these sweet potato cookies were born. 

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