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Spinach and Banana Yogurt Drops

When my now 1.5 year old was an infant starting solids, we had a lot of fun in the kitchen. One of my favorite recipes we created were spinach and banana yogurt drops. We blended together spinach, banana and greek yogurt, added a little more yogurt to thicken the drops, placed them on wax paper in the freezer and then had these delicious drops. Try this easy, fun recipe!

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Breakfast Rotations

How does your family do breakfast? A common pain point I find with clients is that their child seems to eat the same food over and over again for breakfast, the child becomes tired of said food and stops eating that food completely - leaving parents unsure of what to serve. Many times, we think about variety in lunches and dinners, but we fall short in making sure we are providing variety with breakfast. Here I post 8 breakfast ideas - very easy, full of nutrition, and provide variety throughout the week.

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Black Bean and Mushroom Burgers

I have been making a lot of burger/patty style foods for dinner lately.  I have found they are easy for my 9 month old to grasp, and my toddler enjoys eating them as well.  Most of these ingredients I already had on hand, so it was easy to cook up these black bean and mushroom burgers.  If you want more of a lumpy texture, mash the bean mixture with a potato masher or fork rather than using a food processor.

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