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navigating the peanut gallery: How to deal with family and friends when talking about your feeding decisions

Are you ever feeling unsure with how to navigate family members that want to feed your child in a way you don’t agree with? This can be tricky to navigate: we want to make our loved ones feel heard, but ultimately we want them to value our beliefs and approach. Here are my 6 tips to navigating these challenging waters.

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Helping your child develop a healthy relationship with food (and what exactly that means)

When I talk about feeding in my counseling sessions and classes I always start with why. Why are we doing what we are doing when feeding children? What’s the outcome that we want? The bottom line is that it is almost always the same thing. We want our children to develop a healthy relationship with food, but what exactly does that mean?

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Make mealtimes more peaceful: create a pre-meal routine in 4 simple steps

A common hurdle I hear from families in my practice is that their children have a hard time transitioning to the table, most commonly at dinnertime. When dinner rolls around, it has been a long day (usually for everyone in the family) and getting little ones to sit at the table can be a challenge. Enter the pre-meal routine. Take a look at my 4 step plan which is sure to help make getting to the table a little less painful for everyone. I find preparing for the meal is often overlooked!

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