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Amaranth 4 ways

My newfound love of amaranth has made for some fun (although a bit messy!) breakfast times.  However, the health benefits or amaranth outweigh the mess.  Here is my basic amaranth recipe, along with 4 ways to make an amaranth breakfast (or snack).

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Amaranth almond carrot muffins

I love working with and cooking with new grains.  Amaranth is one I haven't cooked too much with, but decided to try something new.  Amaranth is high in protein, lysine, fiber and a whole bunch of other vitamins and minerals.  Plus- I think it's a fun word to pronounce.  These muffins were super easy to make (I baked them in the morning before my daughter was awake) and they were a delicious part of our breakfast and we have been having leftovers as a snack all week.  Enjoy!

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