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Let's Talk About Snacks, Baby. Tips to preparing a better snack for your children and family.

Does it feel like your child only wants crackers, cookies and packaged food for snacks? In this post I talk about how to shift your (and your child’s thinking when it comes to snacks) and how to create more variety and calm when it comes to snack time.

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Is your child refusing vegetables? Shift your thinking (How and why it’s important).

Parents frequently ask, “how can we get our children to eat vegetables?” It is so common for toddler and preschool age children to go through a picky, or more selective phase when it comes to food, and vegetables many times fall off the repertoire. Instead of thinking about bribing or forcing our little ones to eat vegetables, this post focuses on what you can do to help with the long term goal of helping your little one love vegetables

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