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Let's Talk About Snacks, Baby. Tips to preparing a better snack for your children and family.

Does it feel like your child only wants crackers, cookies and packaged food for snacks? In this post I talk about how to shift your (and your child’s thinking when it comes to snacks) and how to create more variety and calm when it comes to snack time.

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Chickpea Muffins

My chickpea muffins are simple, made with minimal ingredients, and a great way to get some extra nutrition into your child’s daily intake. Some of the nutritional benefits of chick peas include protein, fiber, folate and manganese! Have you tried adding chickpeas to your muffins?

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DIY (do it yourself) meal and snack ideas to get your little ones exploring new foods

DIY meals and snacks are one of my favorite ways to serve food. I have always loved this idea for myself: salad bars, burrito bars, make your own pizza. Here are some of my favorite DIY meal and snack ideas to get your little one more engaged at mealtime!

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