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Is your child’s feeding stuck in a rut? Food jags: why they occur and how to avoid them

A food jag occurs when your child eats the same food several days, or meals in a row. Sometimes, a child gives up that food once they get sick of it. Read more to find out why a food jag might occur and steps you can take to avoid it.

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Three reasons why scheduling meals and snacks can make mealtimes more peaceful

Do you have a schedule for meals and snacks?    One of the first ways I help families struggling with picky eating is to review their meal and snack schedule, or routine.  Having a schedule for your little one (usually after about 14-16 months of age) can make a world of difference when feeding your child.  Read more to find out why and ways to get started.

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Using the Bedtime Snack To Your Advantage

One of the most common questions I get asked in my practice is if parents should be offering dessert after dinner. Some parents offer dessert as a “reward” for eating dinner, others are confused about how often they should be offering sweet foods after dinner, and still some want to provide a snack after dinnertime if they feel their child has not eaten enough.

Most of their problems are solved with a simple solution: the bedtime snack.

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Helping your child develop a healthy relationship with food (and what exactly that means)

When I talk about feeding in my counseling sessions and classes I always start with why. Why are we doing what we are doing when feeding children? What’s the outcome that we want? The bottom line is that it is almost always the same thing. We want our children to develop a healthy relationship with food, but what exactly does that mean?

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