Amaranth 4 ways

My newfound love of amaranth has made for some fun (although a bit messy!) breakfast times.  However, the health benefits or amaranth outweigh the mess.  Here is my basic amaranth recipe, along with 4 ways to make an amaranth breakfast (or snack).

Basic Amaranth Recipe



  • 1 cup amaranth

  • 2 cups water


  1. Combine amaranth and water in your instant pot

  2. Set manual high pressure to 6 minutes

  3. Open instant pot using quick release method

  4. Use one of the recipes below to make your amaranth


Amaranth Breakfast Cookies


My three year old, Sydney, loved the amaranth breakfast cookies.  Probably because I said we were having cookies for breakfast! 






Amaranth Biscuits

Amaranth Biscuits.jpg

What's not to love?

I made these spur of the moment, I wanted to find a way to give my daughter peanut butter and also allow her to feed herself, as the porridge was  bit messy.






Amaranth applesauce porridge


When starting solids with my 6 month old, we decided to do a mix of baby led weaning and purees, but my daughter has no interest in being spoon fed.  Instead, I offered her a preloaded spoon with the goodness of my amaranth applesauce porridge.



Amaranth Oat Balls


Super easy to make and baby girl loved feeding herself.