Recipe: Tofu, Veggie and Farro "Fried Rice"

Tofu veggie farro fried rice

Tofu veggie farro fried rice

One pan meals are a favorite in my household: typically easy to make and less clean up after the little ones are asleep.  I love experimenting with new grains and packing in as much nutrition as possible into my meals.

A few more reasons I love this meal:

  • It's super easy. I used a bag of frozen mixed vegetables. I believe frozen vegetables are under appreciated. They provide the same nutrition as fresh vegetables and can be prepared relatively quickly. Just be careful for added ingredients like salt or butter (take a look at the ingredient statement to be sure you are only getting the vegetables).

  • Farro: a nutritional powerhouse packed with fiber and an excellent source of protein and nutrients like magnesium and iron. Toddlers can be picky and grains seem to be a stable in our household. I love to use grains that pack in that nutritional punch!

  • "Fried rice": to resemble the friend rice feel I add in a couple of scrambled eggs. Protein, iron, Vitamin D... lots of nutrition here!

So... let's get cooking.  As with most of my recipes, feel free to add your own ingredients or play with the quantities, the possibilities are endless!


  • 3/4 cup cooked Farro (cook according to package directions)

  • 2 tbsp olive, avocado or canola oil

  • 1 package tofu (14 oz)

  • 10 oz package frozen mixed vegetables (whatever combination you prefer)

  • 2 eggs

  • 1/2 liquid aminos or low sodium soy sauce (optional)


  1. Press your tofu to remove the majority of the water. Either use a tofu press (something like this) or place a towel on a cutting board, the tofu on top and a towel on top of the tofu. Use a large hardcover book and place on top of the tofu to help press and remove the water. Make sure your towel is thick enough that the water does not soak through to the book!

  2. Heat oil on medium heat on a large skillet

  3. Cut tofu into small square slices add the tofu to the hot pan cook about 5 minutes, until the tofu starts to brown

  4. Add the frozen veggies and cook until heated through

  5. Add the cooked farro

  6. Crack the eggs into the middle of the pan and scramble until cooked through

  7. If desired, add the aminos or soy sauce to the dish