Back to a normal diet

We are on day 4 of a "normal diet" (I use the term loosely...what really defines a normal diet?).  It is nice to be able to make the choices we want to make and eat what we want.  Ben and I both lost some weight while on our food stamp challenge (though after our dinner party Saturday and Superbowl Sunday the weight is back).  I was not snacking as much while on the diet.  I was not constantly hungry, but had to carefully plan my meals and caloric intake.  On the nights I would arrive home late, I had to think hard about what food was going to sustain me throughout the day.  Most days, I estimated incorrectly and arrived home starving.  Feeling this way in the early evening made it hard to concentrate on my school work and focus on the task at hand.  Although we ate mostly unprocessed foods, we ate a good amount of refined carbs, something I rarely do on a daily basis.  I spent a lot of time researching the meals I was going to make, how to prepare the leftovers and actually preparing the meals. Thinking about living this way feels very unsustainable.   The average person on food stamps is not a student and does not have extra time on their hands to plan meals and cook.  They are also not on food stamps for only one week.

I think this "challenge" is something in which everyone should try to participate.  It's hard, but you never know, you may come up with some new recipes (can't wait for the next turkey bacon hash breakfast!).

Rachel RothmanComment