Day 5: Lots of beans

Today begins day 5.  I was way too tired to write last night.  I successfully made it home after class and made some popcorn to tide me over until dinner.  For dinner I cooked brown rice and added garbanzo beans, whole stewed tomatoes and onion.  It wasn't too bad.  It filled both Ben and I up for dinner and we have leftovers today for lunch.  Today, I am soaking the remainder of our black beans and we will come up with some sort of black bean soup for dinner tonight. While eating last night, Ben mentioned he misses having control over the spices and added flavor we put into our food.  Working for so long in the food industry, I have gained a great spice collection.  We seem to have just about everything we need for cooking.  But being unable to use these (we are only using salt and pepper) is hard.  I find myself salting my food a lot more than usual.  Last night, my hands and feet felt swollen, which I attribute to all of the added salt.  And although I drink more water, I still find myself constantly thirsty.

I just finished breakfast (and the last egg.. Sorry Ben!).  Today is another long day with class this evening.  I am hoping we can come up with a creative way to make some soup tonight.  Ideas are welcome :)

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