Day 3: (Almost) Half way there

Day three is ending and dinner is cooking.  Today became difficult.  Ben cooked breakfast before we headed off to our respective days.  It was nice to have a few extra minutes together this morning!  For lunch we both took leftover barley vegetable soup and collard greens.  It was a filling lunch, but after lunch I craved a mint, some gum, something sweet... anything!  It was difficult knowing I couldn't purchase something quick to satisfy my sweet tooth.  I arrived home this afternoon starving.  I wanted a some bread with peanut butter, but counted the slices of bread we have left for the week and realized I should ration.  I had some peanut butter with cereal (we are running low on milk) and popcorn with shredded cheese. Dinner is cooking.  We are making Jiffy buttermilk biscuits:

With the biscuits we will have some turkey and cheese.  Frozen okra is thawing in the microwave.  Tonight we are also soaking garbanzo beans and cooking barley to have tomorrow.  Barley, garbanzo beans and peanut butter for breakfast?  Yum.

Time to eat, drink some water, head to bed and brace ourselves for day 4.

Rachel RothmanComment