Why I decided to Blog

In September, I began the MS program in Nutrition Education at Columbia University's Teachers College. My desire to blog has been lingering for a while, and I decided there is no better time to start than now. I am not sure exactly what form this blog will take, but I want to write about my studies, thoughts and feelings on the food industry, and nutrition. I want to share how I feel about the topics I deal with and the general trends inflicted upon our nation in regards to food and nutrition on a daily basis. I find the world of nutrition/ food/ the diet industry fascinating. Every day new studies relating to the health benefits of foods are published. But really, how do we know what to believe? Who should we trust?

Working in the food industry and having a large interest in nutrition, the inbox of my work and personal email has always been flooded with nutrition-related articles and diet advice. As I was scrolling through these emails and deleting them one by one, I realized the diet industry has been exponentially becoming larger each year. How is it that as a nation, we are spending more money on our diets than ever, yet the obesity rate continues to increase? Good marketing? Americans' lack of will power? Gullibility? I know there is no one answer, but I hope to tackle these and other questions in the years to come, and to get your perspective on the issues as well.