Recommendations based on Evidence


I'm a registered dietitian with a background in Food Science (B.S. Food science, UC Davis) and a Master’s degree from Teacher's College, Columbia University in nutrition education. I've worked in the food industry for years as well as academic, clinical and classroom environments. I have extensive training and experience working with children with feeding difficulties, feeding disorders and sensory processing disorder.

 In the past, I was a competitive endurance athlete whose training for triathlons, marathons, and half marathons enhanced my knowledge of and passion for the nutritional composition of food and other products designed for high-performance athletes. With my pediatric patients, I take that same evidence-based approach to separate fact from fiction and separate results from hypotheses.  I enjoy spending time with my husband and two year old daughter - trying to get outside when we can in the San Diego sun and using them as taste testers on my child approved recipes.  





from my kitchen to yours

I believe in trying before teaching - I've learned a tremendous amount through cooking for my family - and with their help - and I'm happy to share what I've learned and what we love most - to eat!



I teach group classes for parents of infants and toddlers such as, Introduction to Solids and Toddler Feeding.  See below for upcoming dates.



When we work together, in a classroom or one-on-one, my success is your success.  

"Knowing where to start when feeding my child solids was beyond intimidating - there is a lot of information out there but I didn't know where to start. Rachel's class made sense of everything - instead of being nervous I was excited to introduce food to my daughter! I cannot recommend this class enough for parents who are about to or are in the process of introducing solids to their child." 
- Taylor I., mom of Orli, 6 months


What we eat is part of who we are. Within each meal we choose to eat, are echoes of our backgrounds, family situations, and our own ambitions. My blog offers thoughts and stories from my life as a dietitian and mom.