Classes at Babies In Bloom

We'd love to see you at Babies In Bloom.  Registration details can be found below.  For the latest updates, visit us on Facebook or feel free to get in touch here.  


Introducing Solids: Establishing a Nourishing Foundation

February 6, 2019 @ 11:30am-1:00pm

Join Registered Dietitian and pediatric nutrition expert, Rachel Rothman, MS, RD, CLEC to guide you through introducing solids to your little one.  Throughout the class Rachel will guide you, step by step, toward establishing a nourishing relationship with your child.  Students will learn about key nutrients for your baby’s development, what foods to select at each age, and the strategies for how to feed your growing child.  The class will review several popular approaches for starting babies on the journey to solids, from purees to baby-led weaning, and help calm any of your feeding fears.  You will leave class ready and excited to start or continue the food and nutrition journey with your little one. 

Babies in arms welcome!

Date/  Time: February 6, 2019 / 11:30am-1:00pm

Location: Babies in Bloom, 1948 Via Centre, Vista, CA 92081
760-940-BABY (2229)

Cost: $30 per family


Get cooking!  feeding toddlers and families together

coming early 2019

Toddler mealtimes can be thrilling, frustrating, and confusing – as they express increased independence and newfound preferences for foods, drink, and attention.   Registered dietitian and pediatric feeding expert Rachel Rothman, MS, RD, CLEC will discuss what you can expect when it comes to meeting your toddler’s dietary and social needs at mealtime, and teach you proven strategies for managing toddler feeding behaviors and challenges.  

This class includes an interactive cooking demonstration featuring some of Rachel’s favorite healthy, toddler-approved recipes. You’ll leave class with the tools to turn mealtime frustrations into peaceful, productive family time. 

Date/  Time: TBD

Location: Babies in Bloom, 1948 Via Centre, Vista, CA 92081
760-940-BABY (2229)

Cost: $35 per family